Multiple languages

Translate your text and URLs with Kirby’s easy to use multiple language support.

When using multiple languages you can set a default language. This language will also be shown when there is no translation available. Translations are displayed in the URL directly after the domain name. In the example below I only translated the slogan in Dutch, notice the …/nl the address bar. The other available languages are shown on the right, in the BoF theme the active language is hidden.

Languages are shown in the bottom right corner of the header.

How to use

Below just a brief instruction, please visit the Kirby site for a detailed explanation.

  1. Activate Multiple Languages: site › config › config.php.
  2. The standard language variables for this theme: site › languages. Are used for the tooltip texts when the mouse moves over the share and follow buttons.
  3. Edit your text files and save them with an extra language extension:
    item-page.en.txt or
  4. To translate your URLs, fill in the field URL-Key:.