Kirby CMS BoF theme

    Kirby CMS comes with a bare bones pre-installed theme. With the BoF theme you get a full set of features to start off your website straight away.

    BoF theme features

    Responsive web design
    Your site can be viewed with a smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. The lay out will automatically adapt to the screen size.
    Content first
    The theme is neutral, it facilitates the display of your content. That’s why we’ve put a lot of emphasis on typography. The high quality typeface Source Sans Pro is served by Google Fonts.
    Page types

    The BoF theme comes with five templates:

    1. Home page: displays articles from all the sections which are displayed in the main menu.
    2. Contact page: with an optional contactform and Google map.
    3. Collection page: acts, similar to the home page, as an overview of all items in a section.
    4. Item page: a page with a sub navigation menu.
    5. Narrow page: a page with previous and next page navigation.
    The BoF theme comes with a number of custom components which are very easy to use:
    1. Use Youtube or Vimeo videos as a preview on a collection page or use an image from the video as a preview.
    2. Use a full width banner image slider at a fixed position at the top of the page.
    3. Use an image slider which can be placed anywhere in the main text area.
    4. Create an image gallery with lightbox functionality which can be placed anywhere.
    5. Easily create Blocks (columns) with images and text and lightbox option.
    6. Use images with captions, as thumbnails or with a lightbox function.
    7. Share buttons that don’t slow down your pages.
    8. Follow buttons in the footer.
    9. Specify your authors once, and use them on every page.
    10. A single fixed ‘slogan’ or multiple random ‘slogans’ in the header. Or use images or combine text with images.
    11. Per page, switch on comments – powered by Disqus.
    12. Activate Multiple Language Support and translate your text and URLs.
    Color options
    The BoF theme comes with ten colors to choose from; the default color is blue.
    The stylesheet contains styles for printing and is tested on Mac and Windows: recent Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome and IE9.
    The theme has been tested on IE9 and higher; recent versions of Safari, FireFox, Opera and Chrome for Windows and Mac, IOS and Android.
    All pages have been succesfully checked by the W3C Markup Validation Service, check it!
    Under the hood
    RSS feed with preview images and intro text, Sitemap for search engines, Google Analytics. Easy nesting pages great for more complex site structures.
    The design can be customized by adding a stylesheet or javascript file to your page’s content folder.
    What’s in the box?
    The BoF theme comes with fake text and placeholder images. The content, as displayed on this demo site, is not part of the theme.