With Blocks you can display a series of images and text in columns.


How to use


(blocks:02 size:thirds class:shadow border)

The Kirbytext code can be placed at any position in your Text: field.
With size: you set the initial type of Blocks you want to display. You can use: halves, thirds and quarters. All sizes will fall back to halves on small screens.


The first number is used to separate multiple series of Blocks.
The filter for the images you would like to display in Blocks.
The second number is used for the sorting order.
For easy image recognition, you can add a name after the second number.
Optional captions are given the full name of the image plus the .txt extension 02-blocks-01-name.jpg.txt.

Lets pull in the first series 01-blocks from the page’s content folder with added lightbox functionality. Click on one off the images below to see the lightbox in action.


(blocks:01  size:quarters  class:border shadow  lightbox:yes  align:middle)

The lightbox function is activated by adding lightbox:yes. With align: you can use: middle and bottom. The default setting is: top. Aligning is based on the total height, including any text.

Image size

As a guideline use 1000 px as a maximum, and 360 px as minimum. It’s not advisable to upload very large images.
Images don’t have to be the same size and you can mix portait and landscape. The images are scaled down automatically to an appropriate width, so you don’t have to do this yourself. Scaled images are saved in the thumbs folder in the root directory of your website.


Optional captions can contain Markdown and Kirbytext formatting. When using the Kirby Panel keep in mind that captions use a simple text field. So if you plan on using more then just simple captions, working with text files might be easier.

The text files for captions are written like this, use at least three spaces for a new line:

**George Graves** 
*British Ornithology*
London 1811

Kirby Panel: Select your page › files › edit › caption.

If you prefer working with the Kirby Panel, you could just type your text in a text editor and paste it into the caption field. In that case you will have to write your captions like this:

**Robert Sinhoe**<br>*The Ornithology of Formosa or Taiwan*<br>London 1863

All text on one line, use <br> for a new line.